The Case for an Omnist League

Omnism is a fact, it’s sovereignty is being recognized and more and more omnists around the world are increasingly expressing their personal omnism. I feel it is time for us to consider the formation of an omnist league.

Omnism in the 21st Century

Through the OCPS society is (re)discovering omnism, the spiritual philosophy of the future.


20th and 21st-century practicing of the omnist philosophy, omnism, expands beyond spirituality and religion, into an advanced and broad societal quest for knowledge, truth and purpose.

The Omnist Church: The Church for Everybody

Go spiritual instead of confining yourself to the crafted paradigms that drive a wedge between your own religious or spiritual belief system and that of others.

Be the Truth that your spirituality or religion has in common with all the others.

Why "Church"?

Seemingly it is important for people to know why the OCPS is a “church”, why I decided to use this word to describe the nature of the OCPS as a community and organization.

There are two reasons that led to this conclusion and why I am still convinced that I made the right choice.

Statement by Koen Jacobs, OCPS Founder, About the “Sovereignty” of Omnism

Omnism, like the OCPS, has absolute sovereignty. There can be no question about that

The Omnism Timeline

OCPS and Omnis 21 are building the first timeline dedicated to omnism and omnists as, respectively, a spiritual concept and philosophy and individuals.

The Cupitle: The Story of a Symbol

“Cupitor’s Circle“, it sounded more like the name of a jazz bar somewhere in London or a groupies café in L.A.

To Believe or to Not Believe… It’s OK

It’s OK to question everything, even “god”. That is the approach here at the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality.

Study and Working Materials

Use this material in your Missions, during your omniologic self-study or simply to start a conversation with someone.


Unfortunately, in today's society it still requires a certain amount of money to operate a spiritual community. Our Omnist Church community is sadly not an exception. We too have bills to pay and websites to maintain. We invite you to consider donating to the OCPS.

"Truth"... According to OCPS


"No Man Shall Have Blind Faith in the Truth, for it Seeks Those Who Are Willing to See."

Koen Jacobs - Cupitor / OCPS Founder

Latest News

Early Islam and Omnism

Bringing people from different cultural or religious backgrounds together around the same table, with the aim to continue to advance towards more understanding and more peace, often requires that we go back to the original messages out of which today’s religions were born. -Read More