The OCPS: Likely the Only Real Church in the World for Both Theists AND Non-Theists

The OCPS: Likely the Only Real Church in the World for Both Theists AND Non-Theists

To Believe or to Not Believe… It’s OK

It’s OK to question everything, even “god”. That is the approach here at the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality. It could not be any different since the founder of the OCPS is a non-religious, non-theistic person.

Cupitor: Latin for “seeker”

Yet he, Cupitor Jacobs,  draws his inspiration, to establish a real church, from the need of also the non-theists to question the world around us.

A real church should urge its members and friends to contemplate all options. This includes questioning the very concept of “god”. Whether you believe in “god” or not, whatever that even may mean in your world, it is OK to want answers and it is OK – also as a church – to not find them or to not be able to offer them.

As a church we can’t and wouldn’t want to claim that we have all the answers. It is ridiculous to even consider that. No one has all the answers and no one is more authorized than anyone else to speak in the name of truth, the universe or “god”.

And still, whenever a regular church, religion or sect is being confronted with the most difficult questions, for which they have no answers, they often want to cast dark spells over those who dare to ask the unanswerable questions.

At the OCPS we want non-theists, atheists and deeply religious and spiritual people to feel equally welcome and part of something meaningful. We want them to find Truth, Justice and Liberty in their lives.

We want the OCPS to be the first real church for the people, whether you believe in “god” or not because everyone has questions that are left unanswered and maybe together we can solve life’s biggest mysteries.

A church should not limit its members, followers, brothers, sisters or friends their minds and perspectives. A church should challenge its community to think deeper. It should urge people to think for themselves, not just follow the predefined rules and laws of the Book(s).

Daring to rock the cradle of mankind’s philosophic journey is a cornerstone of a real church.


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