Lets Rethink “The Church”: An Audience… or Participants?

Lets Rethink “The Church”: An Audience… or Participants?

Classic “Church”

The classic concept of attending any random church service includes that people function as an audience that witnesses or consumes a performance, which is presented by the host of the church, temple or hall.

This concept (as displayed in the above image) is outdated, likely even obsolete when the essence of “church”, temple or hall is considered. The concept does not imply that people are anything else than an audience that is meant to take in what one person – often a priest, minister, rabbi etc – preaches, parrots or dictates. There is no room for truly and deeply deviating from “the book(s)”. Speaking up out loud and stating “I don’t believe in god”, in such a church concept is an act of “the devil”. Or so we would be led to believe.


OCPS Church

At the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality we don’t see the people as a (paying) audience, we don’t want people to “witness” what one Cupitor preaches. At the OCPS we want to witness the people – ‘believers’ and ‘nonbelievers’ – taking initiative. We want to witness the people ask the hardest questions and we want to witness them feeling comfortable with the fact that many questions will remain unanswered.

Church should not be about blind faith and parroting. It should be and it is about standing and walking shoulder to shoulder on a quest for truth, justice and liberty.


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