The Cupitor: A Seeker of Truth, Justice and Liberty

The Cupitor: A Seeker of Truth, Justice and Liberty

Although the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality was created by a single founder (or caretaker), our community is not in search or need of a community leader as it would be defined in most other communities. At the OCPS we are convinced that everyone should be regarded as being on an equal footing.

For this reason too we are no proponents of declaring or recognizing someone as a priest, minister, pastor etc. to represent us or to otherwise engage the world. After all, anyone of us is searching for answers and the truths in life.

Seekers is what we are, so seekers is what we should be calling ourselves. Seekers, or Cupitors.

The Cupitor (‘Seeker’ in Latin) is the representative, member or friend of the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality. The Cupitor engages the world through World Missions for Truth, Justice and Liberty.

The Cupitor can be a spiritual, religious or philosophical guide. He or she can be a teacher or student, an expert or newbie.

The Cupitor is not afraid to be in doubt and not have the answers one is searching for. He or she is in search for the truth and understands that the truth may very well be completely different from or opposed to what the Cupitor believes or sees as reality.


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