Worldview Questions and Answers – Part 1

Worldview Questions and Answers – Part 1

The following questions were delivered to the OCPS with the request to provide answers so that the OCPS can be better understood by the public.

We gladly accept this first Q & A. When you have more questions for us please send them in so we can publish our answers.


Q: What Do You Think is the Primary Purpose of Life – in Other Words Why Are We Here?

A: Why must there be a purpose? What if there is no purpose to human and any other life?


Q: How Did We Get Here in the First Place – How Did Life Begin?

A: As far as mainstream science is concerned early “life” started when lifeless matter formed a single cell, likely due to energy having been applied in a very specific way. Aside from this speculation no one has proven any point that conclusively establishes the birth of “life”. Religions tend to claim to have answered these questions once and for all but those claims are based on opinions which may or may not be truthful.


Q: What Do You Believe About Life After Death? What Determines the Quality of One’s Existence After Death (i.e. Rewards vs Punishments; Happiness vs Suffering in Afterlife)?

A: There may or may not be afterlife. If there is not then the “quality of one’s existence after death” can be reduced to one’s legacy on Earth, or in extremely exceptional cases to one’s interplanetary legacy should it be so that the person had established ongoing life or colonization beyond Earth. If there is afterlife then we surely are interested in experiencing it. Likely we will be unable to report about it since we ourselves have never had the opportunity to witness the afterlife or its possible manifestations.


Q: Everyone Believes that the World and Life is Not How it Should Be and Also Has Ideas About How to Make it Right. What Do You Think is the Root Cause of Social Problems and Human Misery? What Do You Put Hope in to Make the World Right?

A: Please refrain from assuming that you know what everyone believes. Clearly you do not know what we “believe” about how the world and life should be. Because, how should life and the world be? The root cause of human misery is the lack of studying, understanding and applying the truths of life. We put hope in our ability to help people find truth, justice and liberty.


Q:Do You Believe that Human Beings are Basically Good at Their Core or are They Basically Evil? Why Do You Hold This View?

A: People are likely born as positive beings, their environment shapes their personality to a great extent. Their mind and physical being will shape them as well. Babies do not display any features that would make one assume that a baby is evil or is going to become an evil person.


Q: How Do You Think Your Life Would Be Different if You Didn’t Believe the Religion You Do Now But Instead Followed a Very Different One?

A: At the OCPS our people may or may not belong to a religious community, we can not generalize here in this specific case. Assuming that everyone “believes” or is part of a religion shows a lack of understanding of how the world really works. Obviously a person would grow up differently when his/her environment revolves around a different set of beliefs since a different culture is being experienced by the individual in such case.


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