What Does it Really Mean to Be Awake/Aware?

What Does it Really Mean to Be Awake/Aware?

To be awake in a spiritual/philosophic context is to be aware of there being the truth. The truth, as in the entire reality of the universe.

From there on one can argue that it also comes down to visualizing all the possible angles and interpretations of that reality/truth.

That is, you see the world and the universe in this way, yet more than 7 billion people do this as well and all of them do this slightly or extremely different.

Now we are practicing this, the next step would be to find peace in there being all these interpretations of the truth/reality.

Finding that particular peace comes about when we know how to harness the truth.

Why should we harness the truth? Because there’s a balance between light and dark that needs to be protected.


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