Omnisium, it’s a state of spiritually being. The awareness of the truth, the universe and your interpretation of it, including the understanding of the full impact of that/your interpretation. It’s the name of a socio-politico-legal system, a realistic (u)topia where real balance exists between the opposing forces that shape our world.

In (an) Omnisium, no longer do good people always come late, because finally they have learned to anticipate and even harness the power of evil or “the dark side”.

As figurative as it all may seem to some, in (an) Omnisium self-study, “the force“ and true spirituality are the center pieces of society.

How different that is from life in the year 2018. A life where greed, war and extremist fundamental religion and sectarianism are still the key drivers for mankind. Regardless of age, nationality, gender or ethnicity.

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