The Path to Godhood: From Omnisium to Anthrotheos

The Path to Godhood: From Omnisium to Anthrotheos

When people refer to godhood most are referring to the entities that scriptures, myths and religions speak of. The god(s) of nature, of the universe or of creation.

In this sense it, god, is rather an abstract, a concept that humans think of as they seek to understand their experience of reality, life. Yet, few understand what they themselves actually mean.

But what if god could mean a tangible entity? What if godhood could actually be a physical, mental and spiritual state that can be attained? By humans. Not individually but as a collective, as a macro organism.

Already mankind can create and devise. We have built in ancient times and continue to build today extraordinary structures and buildings. We have created (human) languages and are creating increasingly sophisticated software and even artificial intelligence.

Those among us who can truly imagine and visualize understand that we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to humanity’s potential.

As much as we are divided culturally, religiously, economically and politically can we also be united in godhood. Not individually but collectively.

Here we are not speaking of 7+ billion gods on this planet but rather 1. One god made up of all of humanity. Existing and functioning as a conscious entity.

From creating light where darkness rules to colonizing and even creating cosmic bodies. All of this (and the destruction thereof) we have within our abilities.

It is not so much a matter of how and why but rather when and what.


How and Why?

How and why humanity should become a godhood is not really asking the right questions. We know how and why.

How? By working together and continuing to think, question, create, invent and achieve.

Why? Because it is in mankind’s nature to become bigger than itself. Humans build tangible constructions much bigger than themselves. They think about and visualize concepts that are far more complex than their contemporary understanding can go. We have done so since before the ancient times. Hence “god” and “where do we come from?”


When and What?

The questions that we should be asking ourselves, as we contemplate our near-future godhood, are when and what.

When are we going to understand our potential? When are we going to actually build a humanity that is balanced? When are we going to take action instead of merely and only delegating? When will we start to care? When will we see that mankind as a macro organism can and should become a god itself?

On our path to godhood and as a god, what are we going to build? What are we going to invent? What are we going to explore? What are we going to do to bring about a balanced humanity? What price are we willing to pay collectively and individually to achieve the greatest state of being that a species likely can think of?



To achieve or reach Anthrotheos, humanity’s godhood, we must first establish Omnisium. It’s mankind’s yet unrealized epic planetary mission for truth, justice and liberty.

As stated before, Omnisium is a state of spiritually being. It’s the awareness of the truth, the universe and your interpretation of it, including the understanding of the full impact of that/your interpretation. It’s the name of a socio-politico-legal system, a realistic (u)topia where real balance exists between the opposing forces that shape our world.

In (an) Omnisium, no longer do good people always come late, because finally they have learned to anticipate and even harness the power of evil or “the dark side”.

As figurative as it all may seem to some, in (an) Omnisium self-study, “the force“ and true spirituality are the center pieces of society.



Humanity/Mankind is a God

Humanity’s godhood. Achieved when the human species functions as a conscious macro organism, beyond the survival of the organism.

Humans, as a macro organism, have always put the survival of the species as its priority, be it locally as a tribe or nationally as a country, but that alone is far from enough to consider the species in a state of godhood since the species does not function as a conscious entity.

There’s currently no common goal other than reproduction – and even this is not really done on a conscious level, i.e. as a species we don’t connect with all of each other, deliberately, with the aim to find, for instance, (an) ideal reproduction rate(s) for our species. In this perspective however, concerning our potential godhood, we are not talking about depopulation. Quite the contrary.

It can be assumed that with the current number, of Earth’s human population, we can already achieve Anthrotheos. It is not that we need more minds and hands to create what we need to get us into Omnisium and beyond, on our path to godhood. It’s a matter of efficiency and it’s about allowing our species to progress beyond the cultural, economic and scientific boundaries that we (allow to be) impose(d) on us individually and on society. This is why we first need to establish Omnisium.

Imagine humanity as a species, a species that exists as a conscious collective or entity. Shaping planets, building cosmic bodies and redefining the very concept of godhood.

In the physical world or reality we already master enough knowledge to start creating what we need to begin to achieve early or young godhood.

Spiritually, however, our world or reality is fragmented and underdeveloped. We have not yet shown to ourselves, as a species, that we already have what it takes to carry the responsibility, to use the power and to comprehend the greatness that comes with, even young or early, godhood.

In terms of godhood, think of humanity’s (natural) reproduction system(s) as a way of staying young and fit. A way of staying alive and healthy as a macro organism. Old components get replaced with young (death and birth).

Think of humanity’s learning processes as ways of making the collective or common mind of the organism sharper and wiser and of the organism’s body getting stronger and more durable (education, exploration, philosophy, health etc.).

Think of humanity’s spiritual processes as ways of going beyond the physical, there where the “Earthly” interpretations and abilities cease to be merely Earthly and tangible. As a species in a state of godhood, going beyond religion and the personification of “the force” (e.g. “god”). Since the species as a god is itself, then, the ultimate personification of the abstract called “god”.


Beyond Anthrotheos

A species that has evolved, from where we are today, into a state of godhood would naturally retain its urge to grow and multiply. This is after all part of human nature, which in turn is part of Anthrotheos.

Therefore, it is easy to imagine that Anthrotheos would eventually evolve into an entity that itself would split into multiple bodies/entities that may or may not continue to share the initial common consciousness.

It is here that it becomes clear that mankind can’t consider depopulation an option for its species’ future. The moment when Anthrotheos decides to split into two or more bodies/entities a lot more humans (or other components) are, likely, needed to accomplish this. When Anthrotheos is reached or achieved then all of this is just a matter of time.


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