Q & A: From Omnisium to Anthrotheos (Part 3)

Q & A: From Omnisium to Anthrotheos (Part 3)

This is a follow-up, in the Omnisium series, for “The Path to Godhood: From Omnisium to Anthrotheos” (part 2). In this part 3 we will answer the several questions that we have received about part 2. Part 1 in the series is “Omnisium 21: The Omnisian Revolution”.


Q: What Does the Name Omnisium Mean?

The word Omnisium is a combination of the Latin words “omnis” (all) and “imperium” (rule, order, empire).


Q: What Does the Name Anthrotheos Mean?

The word Anthrotheos is a combination of the Greek words “anthro(pos)” (human, human-like) and “theos” (god).


Q: What Does that Mean “Mankind Becoming a Godhood”?

When humanity becomes a god as a macro organism – not individually on the personal level – it will have the powers and abilities that were once only ascribed to “the gods”, especially in ancient civilizations. There were the gods of the natural forces, gods of love, gods of war, gods of the sun and moon, gods of the planets and so forth. All of these were ascribed special powers that went beyond mankind’s own understanding and capabilities. The gods did things that humans were simply incapable of. The countless myths attest to that, one by one.

Thus, when humanity becomes a god, collectively, it will attain powers and capabilities that defy our contemporary understanding.

When trying to visualize this godhood in a physical form (as it is pointed out in the text of part 2), think of a swarm-like body that is active on this planet and beyond.

When trying to visualize this godhood in a non-physical way, think of it as an invisible force(field) that can manipulate the state of objects and energies.


Q: Do I Take this Anthrotheos Story Seriously and Literally?

The story about Anthrotheos can be interpreted as both a real-world vision or goal and as a myth.

As a real-world vision or goal it is exactly as it is presented. Humanity literally becoming a god.

As a myth the story refers to the need for humanity to unite and exist beyond wars between humans, beyond the paradigm of good versus evil. This need to unite is pointed out because humans can and should accomplish far more than they do today, both individually and collectively.


Q: What’s the Purpose of the Story about Anthrotheos?

Through this example we want to show how important it is to (try to) be a (w)holistic person, how important it is to be both a spiritual person and a person who is mentally, morally and physically healthy.

Through creating (an) Omnisium people can be(come) exactly that person, individually. One who is balanced, both spiritually and physically. Building (an) Omnisium requires the development of both the mind and the body.

In contrast to today, in 2018, the majority of the population lives to a great extent only a physical life. Most have lost all contact with their spiritual self, that includes most religious people as well. At a minimum, the materialistic and the spiritual expectations should be at equal levels. This would already be a major advancement and achievement.


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