#Omnis21: Formation of Public Councils, Participate Now

#Omnis21: Formation of Public Councils, Participate Now

By Omnis 21

Today Omnis 21 publishes this invitation for the international public to join us as we establish the Public Councils that will address:

  • The further development of the organization and its agenda (Omnis 21 Council)
  • The alleviation of hunger and poverty worldwide (Hunger and Poverty Council)
  • The growing social and political oppression worldwide (Social and Political Council)
  • Local and supra-local public governance (Public Governance Council)
  • Irresponsible usage of social media (Council on Social Media Usage)
  • Over-usage of prescription medication (Council on Prescription Medication)
  • Newstream information media (Information Media Council)
  • Environmental pollution (Council on Environment)
  • Technological and scientific needs (Sci-Tech Council)
  • The future of public and private education (Council on Education)
  • The future of spirituality and religion (Council on Spirituality and Religion)

To take part in one of the above Public Councils contact us through the website.

As a Public Council Member you can participate in discussions and online forums, propose solutions, vote on suggestions and proposals and, thus, shape the future of Omnis 21 and The Next Society.


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