OCPS September 2018 Updates

OCPS September 2018 Updates

Dear OCPS community members,

Once again it is my great honor and pleasure to inform you about the latest concerning the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality.

The month of July and August have been very interesting times for us, not only have we registered more new members for our community we also have established new cooperations that will ensure the continuity of the OCPS in the coming months and years.

We are also receiving requests to expand the OCPS globally, we are very excited about that. It proves that we are cultivating the social fabric in the right way, that we are restoring it as much as we can.

Still, a very long way is ahead of us. Too many people still find themselves being confused and left with unanswered questions, even though they have been asking their religious leaders for help and insight.

The past month, August 2018, was so busy here at the OCPS headquarters that we haven’t had the time or staff to update the website and reply to incoming emails. We hope to have solved these issues by the end of this month, September, because we know and understand how much it means to all of you to hear from the OCPS regularly.

As all of you know, the OCPS was originally started on the Island of Olango, Philippines, by me, Koen Jacobs.

I was born and have lived for 30+ years in Belgium but have been living in the Philippines for 5 years now, since 2013.

The reasons why I came here…

I see a lot of potential in this part of the world and all the major investment companies too know that South East Asia is the center of the next development and investment waves, and not just from their financial points of view.

Another reason why I prefer to live in the Philippines is because freedom really is a reality here, in many ways. Freedom as I define it is no longer available in Belgium, sadly. More and more people in Belgium (and the rest of “the West”) are willing to give up their freedom and rights, that have been fought for so hard by our forefathers, in return for (seemingly fascist) illusions and (artificially) imprisoned minds.

I refuse to live like that and I am willing to trade my “social security” in Belgium for more liberty and peace of mind here.

Knowing that I myself am trying to make it better for others is much more valuable to me and society as a whole than merely assuming that the Belgian government has the people’s best interest at heart…

To get back to the point I was trying to make… In July we transferred to Lapu-Lapu City, that’s a 15-minute boat ride away from Olango Island. the transfer was made for economic reasons, both personally and concerning the OCPS as a sovereign community, and practical reasons. Olango Island is too isolated and therefore limits our growth potential.

From the heart of Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines, we can now focus on further expanding the OCPS globally and we hope we can do this together with all of you.

From the OCPS headquarters, I’m now signing off.

May the Truth guide and protect you on your journeys in life!



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