Revisited: The Comfort of (a) Church

Revisited: The Comfort of (a) Church

The Comfort of (a) Church is not in Finding an Environment where Answers are Formulated for its Followers, it is in Knowing that its very Foundations and Essence can be Questioned.

Why do millions of people go to church on Sunday? Why do millions of others go to their local mosque on Friday or their town’s synagogue on Saturday?

While many have their very personal reasons as well, the majority attends the religious services because they find comfort in being part of something much bigger than themselves. They find comfort in effortlessly being presented with answers to questions that have been formulated for them. They find comfort in religious authority being imposed on their lives and the lives of their family and friends.

As the omnist church we see it different, we see and provide comfort in the fact that our community members, and anyone else, can scrutinize the very foundations and essence of the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality.

We feel uncomfortable with presenting to our community and friends prepackaged doctrines. We feel uncomfortable when we haven’t sparked the minds of our members. We feel uncomfortable when we fail to stimulate our community to question the world around us.

We feel uncomfortable when we have the impression that our community members believe that we have the answers to all of their questions. Clearly, in such cases, we have failed to challenge the minds of our omnist church brothers and sisters.

On the other hand, we feel extremely comfortable and hope to create a deep sense of comfort for our members and friends when they can formulate questions that make us reexamine the very reasons of the omnist church’s existence.


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