Our Humble Field Office in Cebu, Philippines

Our Humble Field Office in Cebu, Philippines

Good day my omnist friends,

Today I would like to take you inside the OCPS its field office in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines.

We are renting this location at ₱7,000 per month, that’s about US$150. From here we are building the omnist community and movement. From here we are helping to initiate the worldwide omnist revolution that we believe the world really needs.

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Our field office, although small but sufficient for now, harbors many great ideas and dreams and we hope that together with you we can realize them all.

Our next challenge here at the OCPS  Philippines is renting a location where people can gather in a real omnist setting. For this, as is the case for the field office, we are going to need your support, both in funding and equipment.

Please consider helping our omnist community and action center by donating goods or funds.

To donate goods please use the contact form of the OCPS website. To donate funds please use this link to send your donations with PayPal or through a bankcard. Should you want to send funds in an other way, remittance for instance, then we invite you to use the contact form first to get in touch with us.

Koen Jacobs


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