Go Spiritual, Be the Truth

The Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality (OCPS) is above all an international community where peaceful contemplators study and discuss, in the various fields, history and the present.

Seemingly, as the numerous historic and our contemporary societies indicate, many people – if not most people – are in need of a structured philosophic and/or spiritual system that enables them to balance out their personal lives in the world that surrounds them.

As a modern inter-religious/inter-spiritual community the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality offers an inspiring construct and a progressive framework that help people from different, and common, cultures and affiliations to come together with the aim to move forward as an international society based on what they have in common, rather than on what divides them.

At the OCPS we do not set limitations on who can join us, who can be part of our discussion groups or who can participate in our activities. People put such limitations on themselves already all too often. It is therein that we recognize many other religious or spiritual communities their failure towards their supporters.