Is the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality a Religion or Does it Follow One?

At the OCPS we believe that one is free to perceive the existence of “god” as he or she feels is appropriate. For this reason too we have nonreligious and non-theistic members who feel perfectly comfortable in and as part of our inter-religious/inter-spiritual community. If this describes ‘a religion’ according to you then we are. If it doesn’t then we are not a religion and we don’t follow one.


Do I have to Pay to Be a Member?

No, you can join our website, and thus our church/community, completely for free.


Does the OCPS Believe in God?

The Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality is more than one person, claiming that we could speak for all our members, friends and supporters is actually rude since only a person himself/herself can explain what “god” means in his or her life.

What one calls god, another may call truth, force, energy or the universe.

Thus, the concept of “god” is truly complex. The age of “god” being a long-bearded Caucasian male is gone. Hence the emergence of the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality, which seeks to understand what people really mean when they say or write “god”.


Does the OCPS Believe in Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Zoroaster and Other (Religious) Prophets?

Historical (religious) persons referred to as prophets are certainly recognized by the OCPS, in as far as there is historical relevant documentation available to substantiate their historic lives.

Studying accounts of their lives and what people, also today, seemingly ascribe to them is also what we investigate and document at the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality.


Does the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality Recognize the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud and other Religious books and Scriptures?



Do You Believe in Creation or Evolution in Relation to Life and the Universe?

The fact that we are only presented with these two options strongly indicates that mankind does not understand life and the universe. Why can’t it be both, or none of the two?


Can Members Question the Foundation, Principles, Structure and Views of the OCPS?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage anyone to do so. Whether he/she is connected to the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality or not.

Also here we want to state that it is OK to question everything because we too have to find out what ‘they’ are doing in our names.


What Does the OCPS Logo Mean?

The Cupitle is a circle-shaped symbol/character that has on its right-hand side a question mark incorporated, of which the bottom part – including the dot – has been cut off. The Cupitle has two openings in the circumference of the incorporated circle, signifying the openness of our inter-religious and inter-spiritual community and signifying the status of unanswered questions. The circle signifies the circle of life and the continuing quest for knowledge, philosophic and spiritual enlightenment.

The word Cupitle is a combination of the words “cupitor” (Latin for “seeker”) and “circle”.