OCPS Identification Cards

The Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality offers different kinds of identification cards to the public and the community. Two of our most important IDs are issued to:

  • OCPS members, staff and representatives (C1)
  • Refugees, homeless people, people without papers (C2)

OCPS Members, Staff and Representatives

As a member of the OCPS you receive an ID (C1) once your registration has been completed. Your OCPS ID enables you to easily identify yourself when communicating with others from our community or with 3rd-party entities.


Refugees, Homeless People, People Without Papers

The OCPS also issues identification cards to people who are refugees (anywhere in the world), people who have no papers or who are homeless (C2). Your OCPS ID will help you identify yourself as you try to rebuild your life, wherever you may live and whatever the reason is that got you in your current situation. – More Info/Apply

All OCPS IDs are issued by the sovereign inter-religious and inter-spiritual community of the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality (OCPS SIRISC).