Special ID for Refugees, People Without Papers and Homeless People

Being a refugee, a person without papers or being homeless are among the worst situations one can live in. Yet tens of millions of people around the world are forced into these situations and they struggle ever harder to not having to be part of this unfortunate reality.

One of the biggest problems that refugees, homeless people and people without papers encounter is successfully identifying themselves to officials and businesses. Not being able to identify yourself, as if you were never born, is not only frustrating it is also inhumane because you are all too often refused the most basic of services.

The OCPS helps refugees, people without papers and homeless people to rebuild their lives. Regardless of how they came to live in the situations they find themselves in.

In addition to issuing a free identification card the OCPS also provides a free official post/email address where holders of the C2 ID can receive and send email communications. This is another crucial step that further enables people to live lives whereby they are recognized individuals in society.




When you are a refugee, a homeless person or a person without papers (or when you help people in such situations get back on their feet or when you represent an organization that helps refugees or undocumented persons) then you should contact us immediately.

Use the form below to start your own application process, or to start the application process for someone that you want to help.



All information provided remains fully confidential at all times. OCPS does not share applicants their data without prior approval of the applicants.

All OCPS IDs are issued by the sovereign inter-religious and inter-spiritual community of the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality (OCPS SIRISC).