By Koen Jacobs, Last Updated June 4, 2018

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When the words “omnist” and “omnism” were coined (allegedly around 1839 by English poet Philip J. Bailey) and first included in several dictionaries the words merely referred to (someone) finding/there being some truth in all religions.

Although today that initial position is certainly still included in what omnism stands for the term now has a far broader reach and encompasses much more than just a particular view on religion.

Still, considering that most of today’s available spell check software and applications don’t recognize the words omnis, omnist(s), omnism, omnistic, omniology, omnisian etc. shows that this ideology, philosophy and way of life still have a long way to go, and therefore at the same time still have a huge potential in that the specific terminology hasn’t been extensively popularized, monetized, misinterpreted or hijacked. This is very important since we are going to deploy it for a very special occasion in humanity’s history. On our path to (an) Omnisium.

So what does omnism also stand for in today’s society?

From my perspective omnism is already a way of life, one wherein self-study in omniology and “the force” take central positions.


Self-Study in Omniology

The way I understand and interpret omnism, the ideology/philosophy requires one to take on an omni-active, inquiring and open mind.

By studying omnis, or everything, one is bound to keep asking the questions that eventually develop the mind into a conscious “force receptor” that can be used to voluntarily tap into the force. This not necessarily through mediation only. There are various ways of tapping into the force, such as the deploying of one’s talent (e.g. through the science of deduction), the use of certain substances (smoking of marijuana for instance) and even through praying (Try not to see access to the force as a reward for your prayer. Rather, through the act of praying you may enable yourself to tap into the force).

How does one study everything?

Well, simply by asking yourself and others questions, regardless of topic, purpose or reasoning. Here it is of lesser importance that one ever finds all the answers to all asked questions. It are the very acts of questioning and formulating questions that contribute the most to the process of developing one’s mind. Not just in the physical reality but also in one’s mental and spiritual existence.

Although omnism is a concept also of peace it is by no means just a passive or pacifist haven. It is the foundation of the next global revolution that may bring about the reformation of spirituality, religions and political, economic, scientific, social and medical doctrines.

Not because the omnist revolution will be a dictatorial experience but because the omnist mentality and thinking will spark the minds of those who have been boxed in for too long, in the constructs that they and their families have inherited through the centuries without ever questioning them to any significant extent.



“God”… Likely the most monetized, distorted, raped, abused and misinterpreted word in the existence of our spoken world.

What does it really mean? What do people and their scriptures refer to when they use this word?

By any standards, once people use it as a term to personify a concept or a paradigm that concept or paradigm ceases to exist as anything else. It can’t be, mean or represent anything else than the personification itself.

In practice, referring to the concept “god” with words such as “lord”, “him”, “he” or “father” effectively results in the very concept being boxed in. It no longer means what most people actually try to indicate with it. It are terms such as these that reduce the alleged “omnipresent” to a mere personification. A caricature, if you will, to a certain extent.

In effect, the more one tries to define “god”, the less its meaning becomes accurate and the more people give up trying to wrap their heads around it. Hence the steady decline in the number of religious people around the world.

Enter “the force”.

The force as a term to refer to omnis, all, is by any standards not just a neutral approach, in that it does not demote anything, it is likely also the most accurate term as well when trying (trying) to put a correct name tag on something as massive as “everything”.

Still, the force can be interpreted very freely without necessarily having to compromise anything fundamental. It can mean whatever one wants it to mean or represent.

For some it may be a conscious presence, for others it is merely everything in the universe, collectively.

Personally I’m not a religious person, I never have been, nor do I see manifestations of there being a conscious entity (the way humans perceive consciousness) that dictates or controls everything.

This does not mean that I am free of pursuing an active and balanced spiritual existence. Nor does it mean that I don’t believe a concept as “the force” can hold truth, to the extent that it can exist.

There have been at least two instances in my life where, in retrospect, there might have been active a certain “force” of a, perhaps, deterministic nature.

The first instance concerns a childhood experience, I was around 10 years old, where, during playing on a swing set, I fell on my head. This resulted in not being able to breathe for a brief moment. I remember I got really scared because of it and panicked. As I was on the ground, trying to breathe I waved at my parents trying to alert them to my situation.

The scariest part of it all was that I also couldn’t scream out loud to call for help, I couldn’t make any sound at all and I felt something pulling at me, as if something was sucking me upwards towards the sky.

As a result, of not being able to shout, my parents thought I was just waving at them, seemingly indicating how much fun I had there hanging out around the swing set. Little did they know I was in fact suffocating.

I remember thinking that very moment, very intensely, “I don’t want to die yet, not like this!” And then, all of a sudden, something weird happened. It felt like I was being lifted out of vacuum. I could breathe again. By that time my mother was already approaching me after understanding that something odd was going on there near that swing set. She carried me inside of the camping trailer and calmed me down. All was well.

The second instance concerns an experience I had after using (too much) cocaine, I used to be a sniffer for quite a few years.

At one point, after getting my daily fix up my nose, and passing away on my sofa – I can’t remember for how long I was out – all of a sudden, while having a very intense dream or a similar experience I got shot in the left side chest by someone holding a silver-colored revolver. It was one shot, straight in the chest.

While this by itself wasn’t or isn’t strange in any way, people have all kinds of weird dreams all of the time, the sensation of pain that I felt was strange to say the least. I actually felt the pain of getting shot in the chest, even though I have never been shot at all. So, my mind and body couldn’t possibly “remember” what it feels like to having been shot.

Immediately following this experience and sensation, a small white light or ‘hole’ appeared in front of me, surrounded by complete darkness. This thumb-sized light or dot flashed into a super bright white light that eclipsed everything else, within milliseconds, at least that’s what it felt and looked like. Instantly I woke up, as if being ejected out of this eclipsing bright light, still strongly sensing the entire episode for about a minute longer. While awake I actually still felt the pain of getting shot in the chest. I was wide awake by now but still I felt as if the gunshot wound was actually there.

Shortly after I gave up cocaine entirely. I stopped gambling and found a path that would gradually lead me off the “sheeple’s matrix”. Going way beyond grassroots activism and “alternative” news media.

So, do I believe that “the force” truly exists?

Well, let me put it this way. I believe in the truth and that we can tap into it. The truth here refers to: The existence of the universe, your and my world. I believe it exists and I believe everyone of us, including the other living organisms aside from us humans, interpret this truth differently.

Many of these interpretations have overlapping segments but in essence they are unique since each of us has his/her own set of brains and nerve system. Thus, it would make perfect sense that each one of us experiences the truth uniquely. After all, we are not mass-produced objects that a centralized manufacturing entity puts out.

As a result we experience the force differently. This can be seen in the variety of cultures that humans have brought about, the different religions that have existed and are currently around and in the countless unexplained phenomena that baffle people’s minds in different ways. Also the unexplained is experienced differently, which brings me back to the terms “god” and “the force”.

They are experienced individually and uniquely and that is perfectly fine. For this reason it is, in the way I observe and seek to experience life on this planet, for instance, perfectly okay to have a lesbian pope at the head of the catholic church. Likewise it is, for me, perfectly fine to willingly eat pork on a weekly basis while at the same time identifying as muslim or jewish (pork today is perfectly healthy food. Just like with all other meat, fish and poultry one has to follow certain health regulations). For the same reason it should be perfectly acceptable to others to have most of your friends outside of the Jehovah’s Witnesses community, as opposed to today’s reality where Jehovah’s Witnesses are encouraged to keep their friends only within the walls of the kingdom hall [for the (outside) world is poisonous, so it is claimed].



The rebellion, that I too intensely help to bring about, that Omnisium requires is one that we have likely never seen on the face of this planet. Nothing alike was ever created by mankind. For as far as recorded history concerns, is true and verifiable.

The reason why this rebellion needs to be of such nature is because we have pretty much exhausted all other alternatives. Looking at the world around us, we can’t proudly say that we, mankind, have succeeded in creating Omnisium to any, even modest, extent.

The foundation of this Omnisian rebellion is going to have to include a greater understanding of the reality, the truth. Not just in the physical sense – knowledge, materialism, news media, warfare etc – but also and especially in the mental and the spiritual sense.


Omnisium 21

An Omnisium in the 21st century should be the goal. This is feasible, even though we collectively seem to be behind schedule.

An Omnisium can be achieved by also:

  • Going beyond being aware through so-called alternative media
  • Implementing omnist governance
  • Redefining what it means to “believe in god” and to be a spiritual person
  • Reforming religion and religious institutions
  • Approaching the various obstacles and problems that society and individuals encounter from a (w)holistic perspective

Going Beyond Being Aware Through So-Called Alternative Media

The news/infotainment spectrum as it once existed is not around any more. The once distinct lines that separated the “mainstream” from the “alternative” news/infotainment media have faded away. Effectively, we now have a monostream news and infotainment environment wherein various shades of “opinion” are cultivated, monetized and imposed.

On the opposite side of the balance there exists a hardcore information and awareness collective that exists truly decentralized but that doesn’t operate in a streamlined fashion. Efficiency here is rather a curiosity, unfortunately. Hence, the steady expansion of the monostream.

Going beyond this requires breaking down this spectrum, the players, the driving and controlling forces. Knowing who is being steered by who, and how.

It also requires the empowerment of the hardcore awareness collective, since they hold the key to properly informing the masses, well, at least those people who are truly willing to stand and live for something.

Going beyond the controlled thoughts means shedding the old paradigm of there only being a “red pill” and a “blue pill”. Clearly that principle is not accurate any longer. A far more advanced real-life “matrix” exists today. This has been implemented gradually as most folks, also in the grassroots movements, were being distracted by the very news and infotainment stream that they have been putting their trust in. Whether “mainstream” or “alternative”.

Concretely this means that the Omnisian rebellion is going to have to establish education and training programs and facilities that address and take care of also this very issue.

Implementing Omnist Governance

Omnist goverance extends the principle of there being truth and essence in everything. This means that eventually a society, to become an Omnisium, will have to move beyond the obsolete concept of “follow the leader”. We, humanity, have tried this concept time and again and clearly we have not figured out a way yet that enables us to deploy this concept in a truly sustainable way.

This also means these two things, though.

People should for sure continue to try to find inspiration and guidance in others. People, after all, spark each other’s minds and that is a cornerstone of omnism.

People should govern their own lives. Centralized mass-governance hasn’t worked in the past and there is little to no reason to assume that it will ever work in the future. Power corrupts, it is as simple as that. It is in mankind’s human nature, so we’ve got to drop this power frenzy as the bad habit that it is.

What do an omnist society and omnist governments look like?

Omnist governments are first of all local. They can’t really function on a mass-scale since that is not what they are devised for. It goes against their nature. Fish don’t migrate thousands of kilometers away while flying 30,000 feet in the air.

Omnist governments can’t impose their will unilaterally like all governments today do. It goes against their nature. There’s not one golden rule for all. Everyone is different. The reason why people have a big problem with understanding this is because 1) we haven’t tried to live in such a world yet and 2) the powers that want to be seek to preserve the status quo (which largely brings us back to the emerged monostream that I discussed earlier).

However, Omnisium is not just another word for utopia, thus, omnist governments can surely organize security forces, among other (social) measures and directives/guidelines. A principle that may prove the most useful for this is likely the agora-principle. Not the centralized parliament and congress models wherein politicians lose all sense of reality among and touch with the public. Digitized applications, although discouraged, may also prove to be of limited value in supporting such agora-based governance but these are

especially susceptible to hijacking (likely even more than the real-life agora), regardless of how advanced the protocols may be or get.

To fully understand and be able to appreciate what it would be like to live in a localized society using omnist governance one would have to live it. Experience it first-hand. One, for example, can only truly experience one’s own dreams and emotions. That’s how unique and different this concept of omnist governance truly is. Unless you have experienced it yourself most of the people would likely never want it at face value, since it requires from them to adapt too much to a, for them, new reality.

But that is exactly what is needed if we, collectively, are really serious about, lets say, eradicating poverty and hunger. We really have tried all the rest, nothing works. No one can refute that.

On a macro scale, omnist governments would have to work as independent components that in their most extreme form can contribute to common goals. Although there can and should exist systems to communicate between the local omnist governments, supralocal entities would eventually suppress the efficiency of the local omnist governments. Having supralocal entities would also mean that we’d move back to centralization and consolidation of power and that is exactly one of the bad habits that an omnist society, an Omnisium, wants to get rid of. Besides, centralization and consolidation of power is the exact opposite of spiritual freedom and individual self-determination. Two basic principles of omnist societies.

Redefining What it Means to “Believe in God” and to Be a Spiritual Person

Some of the most difficult obstacles to overcome will be conservatism and fundamentalism, letting people truly experience their own “god”. Not from the position of today’s omnists but from the position of organized religion and centralized governance. The latter two have a lot to lose by setting free their “servants”.

Therefore, for religions to stay relevant in the future most will have to adapt to the changes that the Omnisian revolution will bring along.

Continuing to impose lifestyles following often obsolete scriptures, in the sense of today’s realities – not as historical artefacts, will continue to drain such religions their following and, thus, also their funding.

Most, if not all, religions are bound to adapt or disappear altogether. Not because the Omnisian revolution will destroy them but because people themselves will choose to live detached from oppressive doctrines. This latter applies to both religion and government as institutions.

Clearly, and mostly, we have evolved away from slavery. So too will we evolve away from obsolete definitions for “god” and “believing”.

True spiritual and religious freedom, something that omnism also stands for, means that one can take whatever pieces of one or more religions and live by those, while leaving out all the rest of the doctrines. Religious institutions will have to be satisfied with that because that is likely all they are going to be left with in the future.

Approaching the Various Obstacles and Problems that Society and Individuals Encounter from a (W)Holistic Perspective

When everything is interconnected in the grand space opera of the universe, then so it must be true for the individual organisms, of which the human body is one.

For too long have there been monopolies in society that have kept people from truly understanding and appreciating their own bodies and lives. Not knowing their individual and collective capacities.

When a person is seemingly sick he/she goes to the doctor. There a diagnose of the body is performed and a conclusion formulated. While that may be sufficient in many cases, there are likely as many cases that require a deeper understanding of the interconnectivity that the human body and mind are subjected to. Yet, approaching problems in such a way is still all too often considered fringe and the work of charlatans. (Medical) doctors aren’t trained for this kind of approach at graduate schools and universities because these institutions refuse to deliver (w)holistic experts. Likely because it is easier to monetize and control through compartmentalization.

From another perspective, police forces for instance, are getting more and more militarized while the real experts in the field scream for more prevention rather than more oppression. Yet government as an institution remains oppressive itself and does not take into consideration the future effects of its current deeds. Another mess that we too are cleaning up, even though we didn’t create it.



The Omnisian revolution can start right now, any time. When you’re ready.

This revolution is about breaking down the package that we call modern society, it’s about analyzing each component of it. It’s about deconstructing what is obsolete and reinforcing that which is a contribution to the greater balance.

The revolution is in your daily habits. It’s in the products that you buy, the cloths that you wear and the food that you eat.

It’s in the conversations that you have or don’t have. It’s in the will to set yourself free. It’s in you wanting to connect with reality. It is in you standing your ground.

Ask yourself. How much is enough?

How many people do you have to see getting murdered on TV, in the news segments about the Middle East and African nations? Do you find it normal that entire families and cultures are being wiped out for no other reason than world dominance by foreign invading forces?

Do you think it is democratic or omnistic to see your government officials being part of constructions, in your name, that you have likely never heard of or have never voted for? You have heard of the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU), haven’t you? It prepares new resolutions every year, for adoption by all IPU Members (people that are supposed to represent you and tell you what they are doing in your name). This means that rules and laws get implemented, likely in your country too, that you never even were asked your opinion about.

Things don’t just happen, they happen because people let them happen. Because they have no real idea what their government, and church or religion, is doing. Let alone how their central bank functions.

How can anyone with a sense of sanity keep paying taxes and allocating money and goods to such institutions? You do realize that when you do you are part of, or at least keep funding, the problem instead of the solution. Do you, are you?

I understand that most people are mentally not strong enough (yet) to pick up this sort of fight on the front lines. But ask yourself. Are you just going along with whatever those in power, anywhere and at any given moment, dictate? How do you live with yourself when you can help others, and yourself, stop this madness, but don’t?



Omnisium, it’s a state of spiritually being. The awareness of the truth, the universe and your interpretation of it, including the understanding of the full impact of that/your interpretation. It’s the name of a socio-politico-legal system, a realistic (u)topia where real balance exists between the opposing forces that shape our world.

In (an) Omnisium, no longer do good people always come late, because finally they have learned to anticipate and even harness the power of evil or “the dark side”.

As figurative as it all may seem to some, in (an) Omnisium self-study, “the force“ and true spirituality are the center pieces of society.

How different that is from life in the year 2018. A life where greed, war and extremist fundamental religion and sectarianism are still the key drivers for mankind. Regardless of age, nationality, gender or ethnicity.