At the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality (OCPS) we approach spirituality, religion and philosophy in our very unique and transcending ways. As a result also “priesthood” or ministerial fellowship are viewed in a unique way. Here we call it, or refer to it as, Cupitorial Fellowship.


What is a Cupitor, What Does “Cupitor” Mean?

Cupitor” is a Latin word, meaning “seeker” (especially in the context of seeking something incredible or extraordinary), “one who seeks”, “one who desires” or “one who wishes”.

In the context of the OCPS community and traditions a Cupitor, obviously, is a seeker of truth, knowledge, justice, peace and understanding. A seeker of “the force”, “the source” or omnis.

As with everything within the OCPS also the title “Cupitor” came as a natural result of questioning and relativization. We question(ed) what priest and priesthood, minister and ministry mean, or what they should mean and stand for, and we find ourselves very uncomfortable with the thought of adopting these titles and positions.

By adopting the title “Cupitor”, instead of priest or minister (although we let our fellows freely decide how they refer to themselves), we continue the OCPS tradition of wanting to be different than the rest. So far, we are the first and only sovereign inter-spiritual and inter-religious community that uses the title Cupitor in this context.


Mission and Goals

A Cupitor is expected to be a role model in society, a pillar of society. Someone that wants to find truth, knowledge, justice, peace and understanding for himself/herself and who also wants and can help others find the same.

In the field a Cupitor is in many ways similar to a priest or minister but with the biggest difference being that no one claims that a Cupitor has special authority over others. That is, even the Cupitor is, after all, still and will always be a seeker himself/herself. Meaning that no Cupitor can claim to have all the answers and that he/she was granted privileged powers by a deity, force or source.

However, the fact that Cupitors are indeed active in society indicates that they must somehow have a special talent or connection with the universe, the force or the source. Realistically, not everyone has the skills or abilities to become and live a life as a Cupitor. For these reasons too Cupitors of the Omnist Church (OCPS) should be respected accordingly at all times.

A Cupitor is expected to:

  • Recognize and respect the various spiritual paths and religions and to study their differences
  • Be able to lead or moderate spiritual and religious gatherings
  • Have proper social and spiritual skills that enable him/her to provide social and spiritual orientation to an Omnist Church community
  • Be able to understand and work with youths and adults
  • Have administration and management skills that enable him/her to lead an Omnist Church community
  • Respect people of all cultures, all religions, all spiritual paths and all political affiliations
  • Respect people of all sexual orientations
  • Defend people’s rights and liberties

When you want to be an OCPS-recognized Cupitor then our Cupitorial Fellowship might very well be ideal for you.