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OCPS Cupitorial Fellowship

The Cupitorial Fellowship at the OCPS is in many ways very similar to any other spiritual or religious community’s ministerial fellowship or priesthood.

However, as described on the page “Cupitor“:

In the field a Cupitor is in many ways similar to a priest or minister but with the biggest difference being that no one claims that a Cupitor has special authority over others. That is, even the Cupitor is, after all, still and will always be a seeker himself/herself. Meaning that no Cupitor can claim to have all the answers and that he/she was granted privileged powers by a deity, force or source.

A Cupitor at the Omnist Church (OCPS) is expected to:

Recognize and Respect the Various Spiritual Paths and Religions and to Study Their Differences

As a Cupitor you recognize that there are many different spiritual paths and religions that people follow or are part of. You respect these spiritual paths and religions and the people who follow them or are part of them.

In addition, you also study what makes them different from each other and how this influences society. Because you are interacting with different cultures and religions – and often in the capacity of mediator – you, as a Cupitor, must understand the teachings and traditions of the various spiritual paths and religions.


Be Able to Lead or Moderate Spiritual and Religious Gatherings

As a Cupitor you must know how to organize and lead inter-spiritual and inter-religious sessions such as meditation, reflection, prayers, open debates and field trips.


Have Proper Social and Spiritual Skills that Enable You to Provide Social and Spiritual Orientation to an Omnist Church Community

People will come to you with questions. A lot of questions! Questions about many different things, problems and situations. As a Cupitor you will have to provide them with answers. When you don’t have the answers, something that is perfectly normal and acceptable, you must be able to provide appropriate orientation so that those who come to you with questions can continue their quests on their own.


Be Able to Understand and Work with Youths and Adults

Your community will have you interact with the youngest members of society and the eldest. You must be able to communicate with all of them in a constructive way. As a Cupitor you must know what is happening in the world of all age groups of your community.


Have Administration and Management Skills that Enable You to Lead an Omnist Church Community

As a Cupitor you must know how to organize a community, how to manage formalities, how to process documents, how to do basic bookkeeping, how to keep a register of community members and how to delegate work and responsibility to others when you need assistance.


Respect People of All Cultures, All Religions, All Spiritual Paths and All Political Affiliations

A Cupitor of the Omnist Church must know how to be impartial, or neutral, at all times when it comes to dealing with the different cultures, religions and political affiliations that make up their community and society as a whole. You can’t afford to take sides as a mediator because our omnist philosophy requires that we consider all possibilities and angles. From thereon you can provide orientation, in accordance with the expectations or needs.


Respect People of All Sexual Orientations

Society has changed a lot in recent decades. People no longer want to be confined to the predefined or “pre-approved” sexual orientations that previous generations once provided or dictated.

As a Cupitor you must learn about and respect the many contemporary sexual orientations.


Defend People’s Rights and Liberties

As a representative of the OCPS, the Omnist Church, it is your duty to stand shoulder to shoulder with those whose rights are trampled or whose liberties are being taken away for any unjustifiable reason.

A Cupitor must help his/her community, and society as a whole, as it seeks to have justice served, everywhere and always.

Defending others their rights and liberties is the only way to make sure that also yours are ensured.


Other Qualifications


A candidate for the Cupitorial Fellowship must have at least one document that properly identifies him/her and that contains a clear photo/picture of the candidate. This can be a national ID card, an international passport, a driver’s license, a police clearance or a clearance provided by an other government agency, an ID provided by a NGO or a NSO (non-territorial sovereign organization) or an inter- or supranational organization.



A candidate-Cupitor preferably has completed a college education or an education equivalent to college (this is not an absolute requirement). For example, through (omniologic) self-study that demonstrably provides the candidate with sufficient knowledge at the same/a higher level as/than college education.



Fill out and send in the candidate-Cupitor application form to initiate your candidacy.