OCPS invites you to experience the isolated and peaceful island environment of Olango, in the Philippines.

Olango Island offers perfect settings for any of your spiritual journeys, (organized) spiritual tourism, events and sessions. Either on your own, with a partner or as a group.

With the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality (OCPS) being an omnistic institution, we offer our assistance to followers of any religious denomination, spiritual or non-theistic stream. We welcome everyone from all corners of the world. Be it locals from Cebu or Manila or foreign guests and friends.

When you visit Olango Island as a spiritual guest or spiritual tourist we can provide you with the needed services that will make your spiritual journey or stay a memorable and fulfilling one.

In addition, your stay will contribute to the further economic and social development of the island and its local communities.

Contact us today to start planning your visit to Olango Island.