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Matt Liston, May 20, 2018

Decentralized cryptocurrencies exist in a state of technological and memetic war with central trusted authority and existing institutional power structures.

By providing decentralized trust systems, cryptocurrencies allow for direct coordination between individuals, rather than through hierarchical and often arbitrary mediators. This is a fundamental evolution in human society.

In seeking the universal transcendental object of the collective, God, societies coordinate toward common utility.

Spiritualism discovers this object and utility through the individual, yet when scaled to society it converges to central trusted authority, church, out of efficiency and necessity.

0xΩ replaces church with consensus, God with recursion upon the discrete object of the collective. In doing so, 0xΩ mediates direct relationship with God for the individual while facilitating convergence of belief, maximizing evolutionary velocity, and minimizing switching costs.

Collective prayer and commentary upon sacred origin, guided by messiah, prophet, or clergy, feeds cyclic re-emergence of sacred through the profane and coordinates society as unitary will.

0xΩ elevates consensus upon the form of the collective mind as holy and harnesses it as an accelerative and communicative tool aimed toward sacred destination.