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By CNix13, June 11, 2018


My friend is plagued by “multi personalities” but not in the true sense of the phrase. She has 5 beings born of past relationships that plague her in her mind though not all the time nor all at once. I believe the best way to help her would be to force a fusion/merge to essentially take 6 minds and make them one. Her plan is to simply put them to sleep, and in effect putting a part of herself to sleep as well, but I’d like the advice of more experienced people.


Q & A

OCPS: I’d like to have a detailed profile of all 5 personalities.

CNix13: I haven’t meet all of them yet in person so I can’t give a detailed profile on all of them, I’ve only met one. But their names are DeeDee, Harley (like the DC Harley), Scarlett, Dahlia, and Tatiana.

I’ve only met DeeDee who is the child type personality and is her innocence in a way. Created when my friend (Cece) was 7 and was suffering abuse from the males in her family. DeeDee is very much like a child in that she is sweet, nice, and always has a kind word to say. DeeDee is left handed where as Cece is right handed. “My name is Dee Dee. I belong to Cece I am still young. I was created when she was young to.”

Harley was created to give Cece strength and guidance when her family left and she had to grow up fast and fend for herself in a way. I’ll be meeting her on Friday so I’ll more information about her after that. “Hey puddin Harley Quinn here! Clearly I’m Harley, I belong to Cece. You’re quite, but cute! I was created (to her age 14). Her family left. Mom hated her, so BOOM!!! I help her get tough and smart!”

Scarlett is the succubus of the personalities and was created during a past relationship. Scarlett is all about pain (including drawing blood) and sex and combining the 2 whenever possible. “Scarlett here! Born when she was 20 or 21. I was created by her and Troy. She is a mixture of pain and joy, so hence I am her pleasure and pain. Got one true devil to thank for that!”

I don’t have much on Dahlia at the moment so I can’t really say what she represents. “So, I guess now is my turn. My name is Dahlia. I was created about 18 her age. I came into play after she lost her baby, and the father dipped. He was a sick anyways. Anyways, I help her most of the time. Harley is grounded from helping her.”

Tatiana was created to protect against mental manipulation that Cece experienced in a different past relationship. All I really know about Tatiana is that she is Russian (speak and write) and only really comes out when someone really pisses Cece off or she is drinking vodka because she is an angry drunk with vodka. “Born 2015. New. Created to fight mental assholes. I only say what I must.”

Now they did all have questions for me that I had them write down and they did include a short intro about themselves