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Santiago Guisasola, May 22, 2018

Life is amazing. Being a conscious being with limitless imagination and a body in a physical world of infinite possibilities is absolutely incredible. It’s literally awesome. It’s SO BEYOND BEAUTIFUL that if I think about it long enough I cry. Last time I thought about it long enough I did cry. I actually had an emotional breakdown and I cried for hours. But it was the best kind of emotional breakdown. It was pure bliss.

So, yes, life is amazing.

But life can be better if our culture is better because if life is theater then it’s culture that sets the stage. Culture is the set of props, costumes, and conventions from which we make our stories happen. Culture is the fabric of our social world, and we need it.

We need a stage in order to act. We need a beat in order to jam. We need a body in order to dance.

But for the majority of us modern culture isn’t only not fun, it is hostile. If you trace this out you find it’s actually toxic to ALL of us. The collective dream right now is a nightmare. There should be no doubt that we need to get out of this Western culture shit show. It’s killing us.

There are people inside the dominant colonial culture looking for a “way out” or a step closer to some “utopia”. However, the tools developed from within colonial culture will never reveal it is colonialism itself that is the problem. An agent looking from within colonialism will never find the Answer because they are projecting the culture’s structure onto everything they see, and this structure contradicts the Answer. The Answer will forever elude them.

All they find are fragments that don’t fit together. All they find are paradoxes. All they find are utopia knockoffs that are really dystopias in disguise.

They will never find a way out because they are always looking in.

The answers found within culture will only ever be, at best, a distortion of what is possible. To find Answers we must break free from culture and learn to ask from the perspective of our humanity. From the perspective of humans in the Great Mystery that is Nature and all of its infinite splendor. We need to ask with humility, not with arrogance.

Nature will always respond, but we will only hear what we allow ourselves to hear. And no matter what, Nature will always respond in riddles and paradoxes because we are attempting to understand something too vast, too infinite, and too beautiful. We are attempting to understand something so beyond us that it contains us. We have no choice but to impose narratives because we are characters and characters only exist through narratives.

Culture is the collective narrative that restricts the Great Mystery of Nature and consequently restricts us. We can’t get rid of culture because it is the stage for our collective dream. We can, however, as individuals, recognize culture for the façade it really is. This way we can step out of culture. Then, although Nature will still only respond in riddles and paradoxes, it will do so in a way that it is tailored only to you, your humanity, and your humility, instead of being confined by culture.

This means that Nature may speak to you without language, as she is communicating to your essence and your essence is free from language. Language is culture and your humanity is free from culture. If you are exploring Nature alone, from your humanity and with humility, then she will respond with symbols and pure meaning. Your human essence is based on meaning, narratives, and stories, which are all deeper than language. These are the restrictions being human places on the infinite, and it is through these restrictions that Nature will respond to you. It is up to you to learn how to sift through the riddles and listen.

Although riddles and paradoxes are inescapable, if we do not step outside of culture we restrict ourselves to only receiving riddles and paradoxes that conform to the limitations imposed by the culture. And our culture is a failed culture.

Restricting the Great Mystery of Nature in turn restricts the gifts that Nature gives us. This includes love and friendship. Our experience of these facets of Nature are also distorted by our narrative. Unfortunately, most of us experience love, friendship, and self-love only through the narrative of the dominant colonial culture. Once we experience love and friendship from our humanity and our humility towards Nature, the experience will be so beautiful that we will never look back.

Those of us who got too carried away by our role in culture lost the ability to step out of culture and back into our humanity. The dominant narrative, or culture, is taken to be “truth” when Truth is elusive, never conforming to a single narrative. Those of us have then become agents and crusaders of colonial culture. Those of us are dangerous because colonial culture is oppressive.

An agent of colonial culture not only oppresses others but becomes oppressed by their role. They become puppets, and their real selves suffer caged inside. The oppressive culture is in control and their humanity is taken prisoner. They adopt the role of the oppressor in their micro relationships and they end up oppressing the people they love — including themselves. Their True abilities and potential are distorted in order to fit into oppressive culture’s narrative — into the oppressive culture’s cage.

But there is hope. Restriction, paradoxically, is also what gives us freedom. We need a beat in order to jam. We need a body in order to dance. Culture is the fabric that allows our social interactions, and we need it. Culture can be our friend, we just can’t lose sight of our humanity and humility.

So how to move on from here? How to process this information? How to integrate it into your life? Go back and do exactly what you were doing. But realize that now you have a new perspective. See culture for the façade. Challenge the role, or character, that culture imposed on you and find your true essence. See things from the perspective of your humanity and humility so that you may see them how they really are. Open yourself up to the Great Mystery of Nature and listen. Practice this, integrate, and slowly you will take the necessary steps to liberate yourself.

Free yourself. Life is bigger than culture.