OCPS and Omnis 21 are building the first timeline dedicated to omnism and omnists as, respectively, a spiritual concept and philosophy and individuals.


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“Omnist” Coined

January 1, 1839

Somewhere in the year 1839 author Philip James Bailey (April 22, 1816 – September 6, 1902) publishes his famous poem “Festus“, wherein he coins the term “omnist”, writing:

“Keep thy spirit pure from worldly taint by the repellant strength of virtue. Think on noble thoughts and deeds ever. Count o’r the rosary of truth; and practice precepts which are proven wise. It matters not then what thou fearest. Walk boldly and wisely in that light thou hast; There is a hand above will help thee on. I am an omnist, and believe in all religions – fragments of one golden world yet to be relit in its place in heaven – for all are relatively true and false, as evidence and earnest of the heart to those who practise, or have faith in them.”

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December 28, 2002

The domain name Omnism.com is registered for the first time.

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Omnism @ Omnism.com

January 1, 2003

In 2003 Valissa and JB publish their writings about omnism (archived) on their website Omnism.com.

“A couple of years ago someone suggested the term “omnist” to me for those who seek the core of spiritual truth that is at the heart of all spiritual paths and then collect from those paths the pieces that call to one’s own heart. I thought it was a fabulous idea! In the past when people have asked me what my religion or spiritual path is, I’d resorted to either being non-committal or listing off all the various spiritual paths I’ve studied and found interesting or useful. Now I no longer have to do that as I have a simple word for my spiritual path – Omnism.”

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The Urban Omnist

April 3, 2014

The Urban Omnist, a Youtube channel about omnism, uploads its first video: The Urban Omnist Intro.

The channel’s about page states:

“This channel is devoted to Omnism the belief in everything.”

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I Omnist

July 2, 2015

I Omnist is published. In the book, written by Charles Poore, the author describes personal interpretations of omnism.

“Omnism: The philantheosophy of the human disposition. The respect towards all religions and sciences and a recognition of the validity of all religions and sciences.”

I Omnist is available at the OCPS archive and at Amazon.


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Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality (OCPS)

May 2, 2018

The Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality is established by Koen Jacobs, then living on Olango Island in the Philippines.

“The Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality (OCPS) is above all an international community where peaceful contemplators study and discuss, in the various fields, history and the present.”

Additionally, on May 25 of the same year Jacobs wrote:

“OCPS is likely the first omnist church of the 21st century and therefore truly is a revolutionary institution that remains true to the essence of what “church” should stand for and should be about.

At the omnist church people’s minds, both religious and non-religious people, should be challenged. Their thinking and perspectives should be cultivated, not packaged or limited. Through the ideology that is known as omnism the OCPS is able to provide this while allowing everyone to still remain loyal to their respective religious system.”

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Omnis 21

October 11, 2018

Omnis 21 is created. Omnis 21 starts publishing on the Omnis21.com website.

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