One of the cornerstones of the Open Church for Philosophy and Spirituality are our World Missions for Truth, Justice and Liberty. It is through these missions that we engage the world, in search for and to advance (social) awareness, justice, (individual) freedom and spiritual fulfillment.

OCPS’ Missions are focused on discovering, studying, preserving and promoting truth, around the world.

Through its Missions the OCPS helps build a more just world society. We stand by those who struggle or fail to enjoy the justice that they are entitled to. Be it politically, economically or on any other level.

The goal is to free populations from oppression, extortion and enslavement, also by ensuring that everyone’s spiritual liberty is guaranteed.


Explore and Join

Find a local OCPS Mission in your area or start one yourself. There’s no strictly defined or regulated method concerning OCPS Missions. They can exist in various ways and for various purposes.

An OCPS World Mission means different things to different people. It can be a discussion group that neighbors or friends organize on a regular basis or it can be (the organizing of) a charitable project. It can be a school, church, temple or any other type of building or venue. It can be a political or social movement. It can be a scientific quest or a spiritual journey. It can be an individual path or a collective course.

Are you organizing your own OCPS World Mission? Let us know about it so we can help you reach out to more people.