The first Goshin Ninjutsu Ryū dojo was opened on June 9, 2018, on the Island of Olango, in the Philippines.


護身 忍術 流

Goshin: Self-Defense/ Self-Protection

Ninjutsu: The Art of the Ninja

Ryū: School, Method or System


Goshin Ninjutsu Ryū

Self-Defense and Physical and Spiritual Development – #GoshinNinjutsu

Goshin Ninjutsu (Ryū) is a rather (w)holistic approach to today’s needs of the people to be aware of the world around them and their own being. The emphasis is on self-defense and the defense of one’s property and family.

All practitioners are required to agree to and sign a code of conduct prescribing that the use of Goshin Ninjutsu techniques shall only occur for peaceful purposes. Never for offensive, criminal or otherwise improper purposes.

Although Goshin Ninjutsu is mainly a self-defense martial art, it also encourages participants to engage, through self-study, in omniology or the study of life/omnis/everything.

The reference to “ninja” in Goshin Ninjutsu Ryū is based on the fact that historically, ninjas were trained in (w)holistic ways too. In addition to the techniques needed in warfare and close combat a shinobi, or ninja, was trained in, among other disciplines and teachings, medicine, geology, politics, espionage, infiltration, stealth, spirituality, meteorology.

For a ninjutsuka, a practitioner of (Goshin) Ninjutsu, his/her optimal development the OCPS encourages the inclusion of studying modern communication techniques, spectra (news/infotainment media) and environments including the studying and analyzing of (grassroots) movements and (state-sponsored) information campaigns.